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Ad Listings

  • Base Ad Listing - 15 points per month
  • Upgrade Tour/Visiting City Listing - 15 points per month


Top 10 Placement

Get your Ad Listing for yourself or one of your Providers in the TOP 10 of your City for ONE MONTH

Choose your City from the Dropdown to get the Points Cost, based on availability.

Enter the Ad Listing NAME you want to place in the Top 10 of that city


  • A Top 10 Placement guarantees your Listing will show as one of the Top 10 results on a Site Search by City and State.
  • Top 10 Placements can be purchased for your Home and/or Visiting City you create.
  • Auto-Renew features are available which will deduct points from your account each month to keep your placement active.


Members can purchase ad listings and ad listing placements with POINTS*



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